AE Smith NABERS Accredited Assessors on hand from Melbourne to Mackay

AE Smith NABERS Accredited Assessors on hand from Melbourne to Mackay

AE Smith is ensuring its nationwide team is ready to support customers in preparation for proposed Mandatory Disclosure of Commercial Office Building Energy Efficiency legislation

18 Feb 2010

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With a host of NABERS Accredited Assessors now in place around the country, AE Smith is offering unparalleled access to an efficient and timely process of attaining NABERS assessments and certification.

“We’ve invested in training and qualifying assessors at each of our offices around Australia to ensure our customers from Townsville to Hobart, Perth to Sydney, Brisbane to Melbourne can have access to critical NABERS assessments,” says David Odd, Energy Engineer with
AE Smith Emerald Sustainable Performance. David was also the first
AE Smith team member to become a NABERS Accredited Assessor.

In the coming months, 13 assessors will be fully qualified, having completed the rigorous NABERS accreditation study, examination and trainee process.

“We felt it was important to respond proactively to what’s happening in the market place and ensure we’re developing the resources our customers around the country will need to help them deal with future trends in energy management and coming legislation,” adds Odd.

Whether commercial building owners want better energy performance on a voluntary basis or because of NABERS rating and tenant obligations,
AE Smith are now well placed to provide a range of services to assist - and cost effectively because of the availability of in-house AE Smith NABERS accredited professionals.

“We’re offering our customers the opportunity to include NABERS assessments in their existing maintenance contracts,” says Odd, who predicts many smaller properties and commercial property investors may find themselves facing steeper costs and long delays for NABERS assessments if they wait too long to prepare.

“As AE Smith has the ability to provide NABERS assessments now whether you’re in Mackay or Melbourne, we’re able to help building owners get organised for the legislative requirements of Mandatory Disclosure or start the process for improving their NABERS energy rating,” adds Odd.

“We’re already seeing demand from the market place to find out what to do and how to become ready for Mandatory Disclosure of Commercial Office Building Energy Efficiency - and a NABERS assessment is often the vital first step.”

To enquire about a NABERS assessment for your building or facility contact David Odd on 02 8754 3352.

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