AE Smith on the Road to 2020 Vision

AE Smith on the Road to 2020 Vision - AE Smith

21 Apr 2008

AE Smith has applauded talks at the Australia 2020 Summit that called for carbon neutral buildings to reduce Australia’s carbon footprints.

The environment group’s list of “top ideas” included a requirement for all new buildings constructed from 2020 to be carbon neutral while other key initiatives included providing Australians with tools to measure their carbon emissions, water and energy use.

As one of Australia’s leading mechanical services and air conditioning design, construction and maintenance companies, AE Smith has welcomed the recommendations to ensure the entire building industry will construct and maintain “green buildings” as “the norm” – not an option.

“We recognize the vital role our organisation plays in implementing this future vision but we’re also committed to acting now to help reduce the environmental impact of the built environment, particularly existing buildings,” comments AE Smith CEO,
Andrew Permezel.

“With this in mind, AE Smith has developed a system to retro fit existing buildings that will reduce the size of their carbon footprint. We believe this has the potential to become a vital step towards implementing aspects of the Summit’s sustainability agenda,” he adds.

Reduction Pathway - a new process created by AE Smith to help clients achieve their environmental target - is an easy to follow process that defines a step by step process to reach a building owner’s “Destination Green”. The Reduction Pathway charts a clear path to decreasing energy and water consumption as well as increasing efficiencies that reduce costs, environmental impact and contribute towards obtaining a superior Australian Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR) for an existing building.

“While working towards the ultimate vision of building carbon neutral buildings by 2020, helping building owners take significant action now is paramount,” says Mr Permezel.

“We are keen to use our role as leaders in the building and mechanical services industry to ensure property professionals have the tools to manage an existing buildings environmental impact,” he adds.

For more information on AE Smith’s new
Reduction Pathway email or call Cameron Buck today on 0400 918 651.