Melbourne Team Fitness Program celebrates end of Season 2

24 Jun 2008

AE Smith Melbourne fitness team pumping their fist and yelling
Team Melbourne "Season 2"
Front row (L to R): Nicole J, Michael Kiraly, James K, Andrew Permezel, Steuart Livingstone, Antoni P, Raymond Lee, Ivan C. Back row (L to R): Peter McCarthy, Sam W, Darren M, Steve K, David M, Manish T, Brad B, James C, George Z, Tate M, Denver L, Stuart Gibson, Leonard A. (Absent: Ella O, Matt Y, Peter Kinsella).

What better way to celebrate the end of the 2nd Melbourne Team Fitness Program than with a special event!

Normally the 20 strong fitness team would train in groups of 10 starting at alternate times. But under the watchful eye of professional trainer Stu Livingstone from Corporate Strength Inc, Week 12 saw the whole group compete in team events including:

  • Touch football
  • The dreaded "Beep" test (Stuart Gibson maxing out at a credible 15-9)
  • Maximum push ups
  • 5 minute maximum distance run
  • Circuit training with free weights
  • Poison ball
  • 50 pound sled pull

For the record, the day ended in a draw with each team scoring 5 points a piece.

But it's not all just fun and games. The Team Fitness Program is making a real difference in the lives of participants both professionally and personally. This in turn translates to improved:

  • Fitness and weight loss;
  • Team morale and spirit;
  • Staff retention and attraction;
  • Intra-office communication; and
  • Ultimately heightened professional performance at the team and individual level.

AE Smith fitness team running past cones on a grass field
Two AE Smith fitness team members bumping fists
one AE Smith fitness team member running with a footy
AE Smith fitness team members running sprints
AE Smith fitness team members playing with a footy

AE Smith fitness team members lifting barbells up to their shoulders