BMS Brings Value To An Old Building

BMS Brings Value To An Old Building

AE Smith Building Technologies are seeing their systems management expertise improve the quality of customer’s property assets

3 Dec 2010

Building Management Systems layout of air conditioning equipment

In a move to add value for the existing tenants of 200 Creek Street in Brisbane, AE Smith Building Technologies retrofitted a Building Management System that now measures and monitors HVAC use as well as offer a “user pay” system for heating and cooling.

“The building ran, but no-one knew how well as there was no means to measure or monitor energy use and performance of the building’s heating, cooling and ventilation,” says Building Technologies General Manager, Adam Bek.

“There was no data to support trends or information and this was aggravated by no on-site property manager,” adds Adam.

The newly installed BMS in the ten floor building (with nine multi-tenanted floors) can now be accessed via remote locations and provides personal information to each tenant on HVAC performance. The system has also established a limited operation time that all tenants share costs of.

“Each tenant now has their own BMS log in, allowing billing to be done accordingly,” says Adam, who adds that the new system’s monitoring capabilities will enable a “user pay” set up for after hours operations by tenants.

Adam adds: “Overall, the owners of this older property were keen to provide better services to their tenants which have been efficiently achieved by tailoring a BMS retrofit.”

Building Management Systems profile of an air conditioning product

Building Management System (BMS) technology allows users to log in remotely to monitor and manage their building’s environmental conditions.

The images above show examples of 200 Creek Street BMS on-screen monitoring.

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