Fine Tuning & Commissioning

Fine Tuning & Commissioning

All HVAC and other power consuming equipment in a commercial building should be commissioned when it is first installed to ensure that it is operating to its design efficiencies and delivering the required indoor environmental conditions and comfort levels. Sometimes the original commissioning isn’t as comprehensive as it should be and at other times things change as different organizations make changes and repairs to the equipment, tenants move in and out of the building and floors are refitted. One of the more common issues we come across is contractors working for an individual tenant and making changes to the system for a single floor which feedback to impact on the system for the rest of the building. This can result in a lot of wasted energy.

Our recommendation is to undertake an annual re-commissioning and fine tuning of the building’s systems to ensure they are working to their original design efficiency. This may be a more significant cost initially especially of this hasn’t been done for some time and there are a number of operational problems that need to be resolved. Doing this on an annual ongoing basis will go a long way to ensuring that the building is operating as efficiently as it can in its current configuration.

Case Study - Fine Tuning & Commissioning

One example of this we encountered recently involved a tenant complaining of too much air flowing into a particular part of a floor they had recently moved into. The company doing the fit out called in a subcontractor to look at the issue and they disconnected the duct feeding that part of the floor. This meant that 1500 l/sec of conditioned (heated or cooled) air was spilling into the ceiling space wasting the energy used to heat or cool it.

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