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NABERS Assessment | Energy Efficiency Audit - AE Smith

As part of the National Strategy on Energy Efficiency the Federal Government is planning to introduce legislation requiring the mandatory disclosure of energy efficiency for commercial buildings. Initially this energy audit will cover commercial office buildings greater that 2000 sq m and then progressively expand to cover other commercial buildings such as hotels, retail, office/warehouse etc and also to buildings of less than 2000 sq m.

The energy efficiency certificates that will be issued under this proposed legislation will be valid for 12 months. This means effectively that most owners of commercial office property will need to renew the NABERS Assessment for their buildings on an annual basis.

The strictness of the NABERS Validation Protocol (the rules used to assess a rating) means that some buildings cannot even be rated without significant changes to sub-metering or how information is recorded by the property manager. Once these issues are resolved, a further 12 months of operation is required before an official rating of the buildings energy efficiency can be carried out.

Case Study - NABERS Assessment

A NABERS Assessment for a large commercial building in Brisbane found that over time, electricians had wired tenant services from house boards and vice-versa. Also, the ground floor non-office tenancies were not separated from the base building power. These are common issues which negatively impact on the building’s NABERS Energy Star Rating.

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