Perth Office on Show

Perth Office on Show

AE Smith in Perth has implemented a number of initiatives within their own business to showcase how easy it is to "go green".

17 Jun 2009

AE Smith tradesmen leaning against two AE Smith service utility vehicles

"We’re keen to lead by example and show our local customers how simple measures can be taken to reduce energy and emissions,” comments AE Smith Perth General Manager, Graeme Stewart.

Working in close partnership with the AE Smith Building Technologies team, Graeme will oversee a retrofit of their Perth office using the latest web enabled Auto-Matrix building control systems to ensure energy use is reduced by 20%.

“We’re using our own office retrofit to demonstrate how various controls can significantly reduce energy use and ultimately the costs associated with heating and cooling offices,” adds Graeme.

Additionally, the AE Smith team in Perth have gone one step further and purchased an entire service fleet of dedicated LPG vehicles to replace their previous fleet.

The commitment to acquiring more energy efficient transport is a small but important contribution to AE Smith’s overall vision to help change our own greenhouse footprint by supporting

“At every level we can help,” says Graeme Stewart, whose efforts add to the 160 AE Smith vehicles nationally that are offset with Greenfleet.

“From how we educate our customers on being more energy efficient to arriving at a customer’s site, it’s all steps towards the bigger picture of reducing our environmental impact,” he adds.

Sara Gipton, CEO of Greenfleet agrees industry support for environmental action is a key driver for change in the community.

“AE Smith are inspiring other companies to support Greenfleet and start taking action to reduce their emissions,” comments Sara.

“Investing in more efficient technology is a key part to reducing an organisations greenhouse impact – and converting a fleet of company cars to LPG means 30% less emissions,“ adds Greenfleet’s Sara Gipton.

The first and only air conditioning company to be a member of Greenfleet, AE Smith is also adding to their association with the not for profit organisation by combining traditional vehicle offsets with a special tree planting program.

The partnership has already seen AE Smith achieve a goal of planting

10,000 trees by 2010 as part of a bid to help reduce the impacts of the air conditioning industry on the environment.

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